Inspections of electric appliances

Our activity is first of all focused on carrying out specialized examination and examination of electric appliances and conductors.
It is shown, that the only protection before crash of technical appliances is consistent, uncompromising and temporal adequate control resp. inspection activities on electric appliances. Such a solid procedure in carrying-out of specialized inspections and examinations warrants quite a number of technical norms and regulations.
After complete revision carried- out by our company, we issue „Report of specialized inspection and examination of electric appliance“. Report includes besides other appurtenances, eventually detected defects, which have to be obligatory eliminated by operator, or user of building and appliances. From our experience we know, that in most of the cases and mainly in case of iteration deficiencies, customer alone takes a part on their origination or their lingering, eventually persons commissioned by customer, who safeguard and maintain revise appliance. We would like to call attention to the fact that defects are not eliminated consistently or at all.